What is focus?
Focus in very lay terms means making something the centre of your attention. It essentially means mentally latching on to something, fixating and maintaining all your attention and efforts on that thing till what you need to accomplish is accomplished. Whiles doing this may sound like a piece of cake, it really isn’t because whiles at one end focus requires you to concentrate on one thing, at the other end, it also requires you to become oblivious and “dead” to distractions and setbacks that may be looking to derail your success.

Focus means sustaining one’s levels of effort and energy to reach a goal even when the mind and body are kicking against it.

What causes lack of focus?
Focusing on one thing is difficult because people have too many things going on for them and so find it hard devoting maximum attention to one thing. If there is no sense of urgency, a human’s ability to focus on one thing gets derailed big time. For instance, if there’s the need for you to complete a project in three weeks, you’d dawdle till a few days to the deadline.

However, if the same project had to be completed in 3 days, your focus would be on nothing but the project.

Is multitasking possible?
Yes, of course it is. However does it lead to an effective outcome? No! Multitasking simply creates the impression that you look busy and are being able to complete tasks in a quicker-than-normal manner. Whiles you can do two things at a time, your level of concentration will be seriously curtailed, which will diminish the quality of work completed. Imagine watching television whiles reading your notes or a newspaper.

Though you may be doing these two at once, ability to process the information being received from both worlds well at a go is a different matter altogether.

Can you use CBD for focus?
CBD is getting lots of love from every side, and for good reason too. Everywhere you turn to; people are singing the praise of this compound because of its massive therapeutic value. Most people are turning to CBD as way to provide relief for their pains, inflammations and general discomfort, and CBD isn’t failing.

However, did you know that just like CBD can interact with cannabinoid receptors found in the immune system and under the skin to provide relief to physical ailments, it can also interact with receptors found in the brain and the peripheral nervous system to aid in the minimization of stress and anxiety? You may be wondering what stress and anxiety have to do with focus but did you know they are the two main causes of distraction aside external forces?

If you are stressed out, fatigued and weighed down by anxiety pangs, there is no way in the world you’d be able to stay focused. CBD quells anxiety levels by increasing the amount of serotonin flow in the brain. CBD has even shown to have similarities with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and can be helpful to those with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) – a condition characterized by difficulty paying attention.

An increased amount of serotonin flow consequently means reduced anxiety levels. Thousands of people have already seen the light and are beginning to incorporate the use of CBD into the daily regime to provide a basis for focus in everyday activities like school, work, gym workouts etc. CBD is the preferred choice these days to other ‘energizing’ drinks that not only contain too much sugars but also leave you feeling deflated after a couple of hours.

Will CBD get you high?
No! CBD cannot get you high even if you take it in large doses. It contains very minimal amounts of THC (the psychoactive compound found in marijuana) and since CBD is found in the hemp plant which contains only about 0.3% or less of THC, CBD won’t get you high. What’s more? CBD is not addictive and poses no side effects to the user.